How Our Neurologist want to Help


Our Neurologists want to know each symptom we have that we just cannot tolerate and need treatment to control. For example if a person has no muscle strength in their legs and relies on spasticity or over-tone, to hold them up, they may not treat spasticity at all. Personally speaking I have that terrible burnt skin sensation on both legs. Sitting hurts like crazy. I do not want to treat this temporary pain with Gabapentin because the side effects of this medicine aren’t worth it to me.

Example of Intolerable symptoms that can be treated:  Fatigue * Insomnia * Spasticity * Depression * Foot drop * Incontinence * Pain * Sexual Impairments * Physical Therapy * MS Hug * Trigeminal Neuralgia

Only bring up the symptoms that you want help treating. Ask for a prescription for a trial dose and another prescription if it turns out you like it

​​ -Doctors want us to be prepared to ask questions about Disease Modifying Medications that we are interested in taking. If you go unprepared, you will be assigned a medication the doctor thinks is best. The worst thing we can do at a visit is ask the doctor to tell us our options. It takes up too much time and won’t make that appointment meaningful. Disease Modifying Medications ​

-Ask about Risk/Reward. All of these medications have side effect, so it is important to ask what the doctor’s plan is if you should have a really bad thing happen. Suppose you’re about to take Tysabri and are concerned about PML. Ask your doctor how to detect it and what his/her plan would be for managing it. A lot of scary medical situation can easily be reversed. We just have to know the plan first to we cannot fear the unknown.

Neurologist with MS patient

Neurologist with MS patient


Disclaimer: The information you find here in MS Frontiers Multiple Sclerosis Support is based on what has worked for some of us with MS. No one solution or medication works for everyone, so the suggestions and information you find on this site should not take the place of your doctor.