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 I'm so thankful for the amazing knowledge and data I get from MS Frontiers Peer Support Facebook group of awesome people. For the first time in a very long time I see walking as a strong possibility and if not being in a chair is not all bad -Jabe

MS Frontiers has helped me by allowing me to get in touch with other with MS. Being able to talk to them on the site helps me to not to get mad or feel so alone with this disease. –Dori ​ 

Jeff, "Once again you've done a fantastic job as I've always said, multiple sclerosis stands for mighty special." 

Sue: "I love the videos and this support site. I am 57 years old and have had MS for 30 years. I am secondary progressive and walk with a walker." 

Lisa: "I enjoy this group and learn from MS Frontiers every day."

Gail: "MS Frontiers has been so helpful." 

Annice: "One of my sources for learning is this group.” 

Karen: “MS Frontiers is very helpful. Don't like having MS!" 

Maggie: "I need this group!" 

Carol: "I love MS Frontiers! The members are so helpful and I have learned so much." 

Angela: "It's informative." 

Shawna: "I was Dx. With RRMS in March of 2015. I enjoy reading and learning about breakthroughs with research, people's experiences and advice that are frequently posted here."


Judith: “Very informative." 

Christine: "I enjoy MS Frontiers and it's and information. " 

Sherry: “Very helpful!" 

Brian: "MS Frontiers is a great group!" 

Stacie: "I'm here and get a lot out of the group! Thank you" 

Sharmin: "I like this group and every day I am checking because I am waiting to see the final cure for MS.”

Pamela: "I have MS. While I rarely comment, I like reading all the posts. They help me feel less alone."

Vicki: "I've had MS since 1990. I value MS Frontiers"

Marianne: "I like the information in MS Frontiers and find it very helpful!"

Kristyn: "I'd love belonging to MS Frontiers." 

Joanne: “I like the info we get from MS Frontiers." 

Valerie: "I have MS diagnosed June 2016 and don't comment much but learning a lot from others. Fight MS."

Carmela: "MS Frontiers has helped me make some decisions about my health."

Paul: "Just got in. Had earliest symptom in '98 (ever so slight foot drop). Activity impairment began in 2012, diagnosed with PPMS in Oct 2015. Looking for ways to manage this (expletive deleted) disease."

Janice: "MS Frontiers is a great idea. So many groups are all about the "numbers", even if most of the members are inactive and may not even really be qualified to be members in the first place. Quality over quantity, I say!"

Albert: "I appreciate MS Frontiers. MS since 2000!" 

Kim: “I am not actually sure if I have MS. However, I do have fibromyalgia. I like MS Frontiers for informational purposes. Thank you."

Sylvana: "I have SPMS and MS Frontiers very informative to me. Thank You"

Christine: "I welcome all the information about new medication, ways to do things, upcoming trials, FDA pending approval dates, and progressive research I get in MS Frontiers. This site is my go to."

Michelle: "MS Frontiers helps me every day."

Lorraine: "Absolutely love being part of MS Frontiers!" 

Kristy: "Very committed to MS Frontiers." ❤️ 

Bonnie: "I only comment or put something once in a while. But MS Frontiers is a helpful site." 

Julie: "I get valuable information from MS Frontiers and need to be a member of this group. Thank you very much!!" 

Carrie: "I’ve learned so much because of the information I've gained from MS Frontiers."

Brenda: "I value every bit of information I gain from MS Frontiers. I may not post, I often forget what I want to say."

Carole: "Although I don't say much on here I do read it every day. I have MS." 

Melissa: "I'm on this every day and it does help me. I might not comment often but I still do look at it.”

Edel: “I may post too often, I have learned a lot from MS Frontiers."

Rose: "I enjoy MS Frontiers and the new group for ppms. I have learned a lot and Thanks~~!!"

Cindy: "Forgot, I have MS that was miss diagnosed for 30 years and have enough damage that I have been unable to work and have been fighting for my disability for 4 years."

Tim: "PPMS and always read the posts."

Samantha: "I regularity visit and find it of great help x"

James: "Always read the post, RPMS."

Tori: "MS Frontiers has been helpful to me."

Labrini: "I read all the posts and see all the videos of MS Frontiers. They are very helpful."

Liz: "I value MS Frontiers."

Nancy: "I so enjoy the posts in MS Frontiers!"

Amanda: "I'm here reading the great information group members post in MS Frontiers."

Deirdre: "I value this MS Frontiers!"

Joanna: "Love MS Frontiers!"

Kimberly: "I appreciate MS Frontiers and find it very helpful."

Irene: "The advice in MS Frontiers is awesome!

Kelli: "I have MS and read all the posts."

Tracey: "Love the info!"

Annamaria: "Great resources!!!"

Debbie: "I have MS and I love the information in MS Frontiers. Thank you."

Barbara: “I have PPMS, and value reading all the posts, articles and videos! Thank you."​

Lauren: "Love the info!"

MS Frontiers provides info support and unites one with others experiencing MS personally. – Lorrain

"MS Frontiers has been my Go-To for news articles about MS research and aids, and where personal experiences and knowledge is shared by others 'in the same boat.'" – Liz

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